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About this Product

Minky Top Knot Pillows

Looking for help styling your dog's hair? Try our dog grooming aka, top knot pillows! 

My top knot/grooming pillow was designed to simplify the often challenging task of making the top knot. Dogs must be trained to lay still during the process. As we all know, some little dogs are wiggle butts and squirmy.

This style was the first design I made.  I didn't design it necessarily for show dogs, because I'd been told they want satin pillows.  I wasn't there yet, so I went with this design first.  Just to see if they became a best seller.  Well, they have!  

This style features a straight bottom.  My model Bijou @fluffpuffcrew on Instagram, says it's great!  She loves it and her mom uses it daily for her and her sister Daphne.

I insist on the best Minky fabrics for my pillows.  I special order my fabrics.  I will never use the cheap discount craft store, imposter Minky.  When you purchase a pillow from my shop, you are getting the finest Minky available.  It holds up very well, wash after wash.

The pillows are extremely comfortable for your dog.  Don't be surprised if he or she falls asleep when you are styling the top knot. 

Make your selections of color, size and personalization from the cart and I'll take care of the font styles.  Once you place your order, I'll prepare font proofs with your dog's name so you can see exactly how each letter will look when stitched. I find customers prefer this method rather than taking a chance the letters will all be pleasing to the eye. 

Your personalization and the embroidered paw print are included in the price you pay. 

Customer Review:

5 Stars from Kimberly September 11, 2022

This pillow is gorgeous! The work and details she puts into her pillows really shows. Teresa will contact you and go over your order to make sure it will be exactly what you want. I’m anxious to buy more items her!

Fuzzy Fur Paws

Alexander, AR
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Meet the Maker

"It all began with a dream".  

Hello and welcome to Fuzzy Fur Paws!  I'm Teresa, and a dog mom. I've been sewing and crafting since childhood. I've always had "busy hands", as is reflected in my chosen career as a forth generation barber/stylist.  I owned my own barbering business for over 20 years in Little Rock. I also worked for ten years with dog rescue groups, fostering and helping them to find loving homes and a second chance at love.

I the earlier days, I was blessed to have a great sewing teacher, my grandmother Nona.  She was a fantastic seamstress and owned her own fabric store. She taught me how to sew and many other handcrafts when I was young. I can remember sitting on her lap as she sewed on her Singer treadle sewing machine.  I was instantly hooked.  She passed down her wealth of knowledge of fine fabrics and sewing techniques to me.


I spent many years sewing for my family and even the public. I made and designed pageant dresses for babies and toddlers when my daughter was young.  I also enjoyed all kinds of handcrafts such as crochet, macrame, wreath making, cross stitch embroidery, and much more.

As a passionate animal lover, it's always been my dream of someday working in the pet industry. I especially love dogs, birds and bunnies. I currently have two Shih Tzu, one Morkie and one Shih Tzu Mix. All rescue dogs.  They enjoy spending their day with me in my sewing room. It's their favorite place to hang out and nap.

On September 15, 2013, I suffered a serious break to my arm and shoulder. Sadly, that ended my days of cutting hair.  But as it's been said, "When one door closes, another one opens".  The injury opened the door to follow my dream of opening an online dog/pet boutique. I enjoy making things for dogs and the humans who love them.  I went out and purchased an embroidery machine and made it happen.  Now I get to use my God given talent, to make unique, high quality pet gifts. My focus has been personalized dog  toys, blankets and pillows, yet expanding my product line continually. Everything in my shop is made in my home.  There's no warehouse, no mass production, no employees.  I'm a one woman show.  I sincerely hope you love my items as much as I love creating them.  Click on the "reviews" under my shop name, to see what customers have to say about my work.

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How it’s Made

Minky fabrics are incredibly soft and dogs seem to truly love the feel.  My first grooming pillow was made with Minky.  I designed it for the home groomer.  Not for the show dogs because they need satin.  I make these for the average Shih Tzu, Yorkie, or Maltese with a puppy cut.  I use only the best Minky available.  No imposter discount craft store brands.  The front is a smooth Minky and a faux fur Minky on the back side.  I embroider the dog's name on the front, then pin to the back and sew together.  I trim and clip the seams and turn inside out to carefully stuff with poly fill made in the USA.  This takes patience because if you try to stuff too quickly, you'll get lumps.  I take small amounts and stuff until it's perfect.  I sew the opening closed with needle and thread.  Don't be surprised if your dog falls asleep during the top knot styling!

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Shop Policies

REFUNDS, RETURNS AND EXCHANGES: Due to the custom nature of most items, including personalized items, I can not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges.  However, if I make an error in the process, such as a misspelled name, wrong thread color or wrong size, I will replace the item promptly,

CANCELLATIONS: I can offer a cancellation of an order within 24 hours.  After 24 hours, it's too late as I often times already have your order made or in progress. 

LIABILITY: I am not responsible for your pet's safety. That's your responsibility.  Please supervise your pets with our toys and other items.  Plush toys are not completely indestructible.  After all, they are made from fabrics. We know our toys are made with the best fabrics and they last a long time under normal wear and tear.  But we also know, some dogs are on a mission to "kill it"!  I make extra effort to to stitch toy seams multiple times to increase their strength and durability.  However, if your toy should get ripped or torn and can't be mended, toss it.  You don't want your dog playing with the poly fill and risk swallowing it or choking.  Supervision is just part of being a responsible dog mom or dad. 

USPS CARRIER DELAYS: I can not be held responsible for USPS carrier damages. delays due to weather, or misrouted packages. I am also not responsible for lost or stolen packages from your residence. Please make sure the address you provide as your shipping address is a secure address for delivery. Once I drop off your package at my post office, it's out of my hands. If you want your package insured, please contact me to make the necessary arrangement. If you requested a priority mail shipping upgrade, your package IS automatically insured up to $50. Additional insurance can be purchased when requested.

WARNING: Fuzzy Fur Paws name and logo, is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Any use of my business name and or my logo, which was drawn as a likeness of my Shih Tzu Bailey, is prohibited.  Anyone caught doing so will result in legal action through my attorney.  My images are my own.  All images were taken with my camera and edited by me for promotional and sales use. You may share my product links on your social media for promotional purposes. I welcome that and appreciate any and all sharing and promoting my shop.  Any use of my images as your own can and will result in legal action.


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Shop Reviews (729)

Been buying these bunnies for all of my dogs. All of them are favorites in my house. I love all of the various fonts to pick from to match each dog's personality.

Jennifer Nowak

Bought one of these blankets for a friend for a special agility title. I needed special fonts, and Teresa was able to work with me to get it done the way I wanted it. My friend LOVES it!

Jennifer Nowak

Been purchasing from Fuzzy Fur Paws for years. The workmanship is beautiful, and my dogs love all their toys and blankets!

Jennifer Nowak